Our project has ancient roots and also an extraordinarily innovative evolution.

We have decided to commit ourselves to the native grapes of Tuscany, which were common in Renaissance period and which were almost lost after Phillossera plague. We literally brought them again to life.

We have discovered the absolute novelty and the wonderful originality of these native grapes inside the Tuscan Wine panorama and in all these years interest has grown around them.
In Piandaccoli we perform our mission with determination and our engagement is supported by great passion with all the necessary resources.
For many years in Piandaccoli we have worked to bring the native vines of Renaissance back to life to produce original and, some to our surprise, excellent wines.

At the beginning of our journey, we asked one of the world’s leading experts, who teaches trends and taste evolution, to carry out a thorough research on possible development of consumer tastes. Results of the study indicated an evolving scenario that will lead us to prefer wines that manage to combine body and very lovely perfumes with greater elegance and balance.
Exactly that balance and elegance that the native grapes manage to convey to Piandaccoli wines.